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Open Data for High Tech products
Open Icecat is a worldwide unique open catalog with product data-sheets in co-operation with high tech sponsoring brands and online channel partners. Open Icecat data-sheets are fully approved by the sponsoring manufacturers and are distributed for free to the online channel.

They use Open Product Data

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>>> Access to the service

LSA, France's largest product information magazin, use barcode as a new way to access product information (a new communication channel) Search / BI system using POD database. "OpenDataSoft is a turnkey platform over the cloud designed to make simple to re-use data through API & apps models".
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Search / BI system using POD database. " makes Open Data available at your fingertips through a single query API - elegant and expressive".
This material is Open Data
Top 20 of prefix assigned per country

GS1 US (110)
GS1 FR (80)
GS1 DE (41)
GS1 IT (40)
GS1 AT (20)
GS1 JP (20)
GS1 AU (10)
GS1 BE (10)
GS1 CH (10)
GS1 DK (10)
GS1 ES (10)
GS1 FI (10)
GS1 GB (10)
GS1 NL (10)
GS1 NO (10)
GS1 NZ (10)
GS1 RU (10)
GS1 SE (10)
GS1 CN (6)
GS1 BR (2)