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U.S. Nutrition Facts

POD database now contains nutrition facts for products commercialized in the U.S.
U.S. Food & Drug Administration provides Food labeling requirements to manufacturers and most of them publish these information on their website. Access to the FDA website for more information

Standard Food labels exist in other countries (Australia, Hong Kong, UK,...) and nutrition information of these countries will be added soon. Europe will use a standard label end 2014 only ( European law n° 1169/2011 - 25 Oct. 2011).

POD only uses Trusted Source of Data provided by manfacturers. The source and the date of synchronization are always indicated.

The list below show all the brands added into the database:

Brand - Izze Brand - Saffron Road Brand - Aquafina Brand - CapriSun
Izzi Saffron Road Aquafina Caprisun
Brand - Arnold Brand - Looza Brand - Washington Fruit & Produce Co. Bush's best
Arnold Looza Washington Fruit & Produce Co. Bush's Best
This material is Open Data
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GS1 AU (10)
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GS1 SE (10)
GS1 CN (6)
GS1 BR (2)